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12 Best Online websites for selling your Items In Dubai/UAE

12 Best Online websites for selling your Items In Dubai/UAE

Today, I am going to share with you 12 best online shopping sites to sell your products in Dubai & UAE, and you will also find the tips to sell online and Q&As in Dubai & UAE’s e-commerce industry.

Let’s get started …

12 Best Online Shopping Sites To Sell Your Items In Dubai & UAE

Below are listed the best 12 shopping sites to sell your products online in Dubai & UAE, as well as the tips & tricks to sell online successfully.

1. Souq


Souq is a technologically-driven online shopping site and platform trusted by millions across the Middle East region. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Dubai, it boasts as the largest e-commerce platform in the Arab world. Souq is a subsidiary company controlled by Amazon as of 2017. The company has over 3,000 employees and hosts thousands of sellers.

Best for: General merchandise, including fashion, electronics & accessories, mobile & tablets, appliances, home & kitchen, among others.

Key Features:

souq alexa ranking.png

● Over 13 years of working experience

● Around 6.4 million monthly visits

● Number 529 in the global ranking

● Over $500 million in annual revenues

● 0ver 6.2 million users

● Over 32 categories with clothing ranking as the hot-selling category

● Private hosted logistics available

How to become a Souq seller? And What about the cost?

 To become a seller, you need a seller account, products to sell, verified email address, shipping location, trade license and ID, and a bank account.

 Free seller registration

 5% to 20% commission fee on items sold

2. Awok


Awok offers a whole new seller experience that’s more convenient. It’s a private e-commerce company which is ideal for selling in Dubai&UAE that was founded in 2013, and serving the Middle East region. Initially, the company only dealt with electronics and gadgets. However, it has grown substantially over the years, providing a diverse platform to expand your business and showcase your brand to the world.

Best for: General merchandise spanning fashion, household items, electronics, and health & beauty products

Key Features:

awok alexa ranking.png

● Over 15 years of working experience

● Estimated monthly visits of 4.3 million

● Ranks 7,848 globally

● Over 1.17 million users

● 15+ categories with fashion as the hot seller

● Private hosted logistics available

How to become an Awok seller? And What about the cost?

 To become a seller, you need access to Awok selling Program (Through registration), products to sell, bank account, trade license, and a verified email address.

 Free seller registration

 5%-20% seller commission fee

3. Jollychic


Jollychic, founded in 2008, offers a seller platform boasting globalized, premium services. The company has, for many years, been one of the leaders in mobile e-commerce online shopping sites in the Middle East and North Africa region. It has over 3,500 employees and 1,000 support staff to help maximize your business potential.

Best for: Clothing, beauty products, electronics, home & living, and sports

Key Features:

Jollychic alexa ranking.png

● Over 10 years of working experience

● 2.3 million monthly visits

● 6,904 global ranking

● Over 1 million users

● 5+ categories with clothing as the hot seller

● Private hosted logistics available

How to become a Jollychic seller? And What about the cost?

 To sell on Jollychic, you need to provide contact information, business location, bank account details, and trading license.

 Free seller registration

✓ 15% commission fee

4. Mumzworld


Mumzworld deals in fashionable, stylish and comfortable products for expectant moms, babies, and little kids. Founded in 2011, it’s home to over 1,700 brands and over 200,000 products. Mumzworld makes it possible for sellers to reach customers at their most relaxed.

Best for: Moms, babies, and kids products

Key Features:

Mumzworld alexa ranking.png

● Over 7 years of working experience

● Over 420,000 monthly visits

● 103, 890 in global ranking

● Over 187,000 users

● Baby products is the hot selling category

● Private hosted logistics available

How to sell on Mumzworld? And What about the cost?

 Seller requirement include personal contact, company information, product to sell (For babies and little kids), trade license, and bank account.

 Free registration

5. Lets Tango


“It takes two to tango,” and Lets Tango achieves that by bringing the essence of grace and harmony into online marketing. The company established in 2013. At Lets Tango, you can sell across all Arab states in the Persian Gulf except for Iraq. You get a tremendous opportunity of earning significant with fast payments of within 14 days of sale.

Best for: Electronics, mobile gadgets, household goods, fashion & beauty, and computers

Key Features:

letstango alexa ranking.png

● Over 5 years of working experience

● Over 104, 800 monthly visits

● 214, 614 global ranking

● Over 109,000 users

● 7+ product categories with phones & tablets as the hot seller

● Private hosted logistics available

How to sell on Lets Tango? And What about the cost?

 Seller requirements are verified email address, business location, bank details, and product to sell.

 Free registration

✓ 10% commission fee

6. Easyshopping

easy shopping.jpg

Easyshopping is a platform that defines the ultimate variety in online marketing. The company established in 2016, making it one of the newest online shopping sites in the region. The platform lets you market products from vast categories, and goes an extra mile to give priority to quality, trending products.

Best for: General merchandise spanning electronics & digital devices, home appliances, health & beauty, and fashion.

Key Features:

easy shopping alexa ranking.png

● Over 2 years of working experience

● Over 31,400 monthly visits

● 365,381 global ranking

● Over 20,500 users

● 6+ categories with beauty & health as the hot seller

● Private hosted logistics available

How to become a Easy Shopping seller? And What about the cost?

 To sell, you need to provide contact details, bank details, business license, and business location

 Free registration


7. Noon 


A home-grown e-commerce platform that accounts for the vast majority of online sales. Founded in 2017, Noon has registered an aggressive growth to provide a marketing experience that’s reliable, predictable, and efficient.

Best for: An assortment of products including fashion, electronics, home & kitchen, and beauty.

Key Features:

noon alexa ranking.png

● Over 1 year of working experience

● 4.2 million monthly visits

● 10,108 in global ranking

● Over 1.6 million users

● 10+ categories with fashion as the top seller

● Private hosted logistics available

How to sell on Noon? And What about the cost?

 Seller contact, product for sale, bank details, and seller location are required for one to sell.

 Free registration

✓ Up to 30% commission fee

8. Sharaf DG

Sharaf DG.jpg

Sharaf DG boasts a trusted service with over 33 stores spread across the Middle East. The company, founded in 2005, provides a base for marketing and selling everything electronic or digital. Recently, it has expanded its categories to include home appliances and personal care.

Best for: Computers & mobile gadgets, electronics, home appliances, and personal care

Key Features:

Sharaf DG alexa ranking.png

● Over 3 years of working experience

● Over 2.4 million monthly visits

● 22,748 in global ranking

● Over 1 million users

● 4+ categories with electronics & gadgets ranking as the top seller

● Logistics available

How to sell on Sharaf DG? And What about the cost?

 Personal information, product in stock, bank details, and business information needed for one to sell.

9. Wadi


Wadi as a professional online shopping site in UAE boasts one of the broadest range of products available with a promise to deliver hassle-free selling experience, from product listing to timely delivery. The company established in 2015. It stocks over 510,000 products available in over 2,000 brands.

Best for: General merchandise including electronics, mobile & tablets, fashion, home & kitchen, and beauty

Key Features:

wadi alexa ranking.png

● Over 3 years of working experience

● Over 51,000 monthly visits

● Position 41,604 in global ranking

● Over 21,000 users

● 25+ categories with fashion as the top seller

● Logistics available

How to become a Wadi seller? And What about the cost?

 To sell, one needs to provide bank details, trade license, and business information. One should also have products in stock to sell.

 Free seller registration

 Commission fee decided via mutual agreement

✓ Minimum listing of products is 5


10. dubizzle


A community that distributes underused goods to fill new needs for e-commerce consumers in Dubai and UAE. dubizzle, founded in 2005, is an advertising platform boasting millions of unique users and page views per month.

Best for: Real Estate, motors. Jobs, and underused items

Key Features:

dubizzle alexa ranking.png

● Over 3 years of working experience

● Over 5.8 million monthly visits

● Position 4,289 in global ranking

● Over 1.6 million users

● 4+ categories with cars and real estate as the hot sellers

● An estimated $62.4 million in annual revenues

How to sell on dubizzle? And What about the cost?

 Product for sale, personal information, and location to be provided by sellers.

 Free seller registration

 No commission fee

11. OurShopee


OurShopee, founded in 2014, is one of the best emerging online stores in the UAE. It is basically a public company boasting one of the world’s biggest collection of appliances. Currently, it has over 200 employees who strive to make life fun, both for sellers and consumers.

Best for: All-around wholesaler dealing in general merchandise, from electronics, apparel, health & beauty, to stationery


Key Features:

OurShopee alexa ranking.png

● Over 4 years of working experience

● Over 172,900 monthly visits

● Position 38,896 in global ranking

● Over 72,500 users

● 10+ categories with electronics and mobile gadgets as top sellers

● Logistics available

How to become an OurShopee seller? And What about the cost?

 As a seller, one needs to have a product to sell, bank account, business location, trade license, and verified email address.

 Free registration

12. Cobone


A platform and online selling marketplace that lets you acquire new customers through brand exposure and collective buying. Cobone established in 2010 and boasts over 60 staff from 20 different nationalities. The platform saves you thousands of dollars you would have spent on advertising tactics that aren’t guaranteed to work.

Best for: Daily deals in food, activities, beauty, wellness, and services

Key Features:

cobone alexa ranking.png

● Over 8 years of working experience

● Over 770,000 monthly visits

● Position 15,635 in global ranking

● Over 335,992 sellers

● 8+ categories with food & dining ranking as the best seller

● Over 4,825,229 Cobone voucher sold

● Saved users over $172 million in its 5 years of operation

How to sell on Cobone? And What about the cost?

 As a seller, one should have a product to sell, trade license, bank account, business location, and verified email address.

 Free registration

✓ 15% referral fee

How To Sell Online Successfully?

how to.jpg

1. Ensure the item is in perfect condition: Make sure the item you plan to sell is in the best condition possible, regardless of whether it’s broken or worn out. If possible, try cleaning it up.


2. Upload quality pictures: Buyers prefer to see what they’re actually buying. That said, ensure to take high-quality photos of the item.


3. Be honest about item condition: Include any flaws or defects in the details so that buyers know beforehand


4. Prepare detailed headlines: Provide as much information as possible on the item. Doing so will help make your listing stand out.


5. Include product details: Make sure to include information regarding the sale, shipping, tax, and postage costs. In the case of a used item, you might want to include information on why you’re selling it.


6. Observe terms & conditions: Follow the terms & condition of sale as stipulated by the online listing service.

What Shopping Sites Rank As The Top Recommended in The UAE?

There are lots of websites in UAE with good customer feeback and great sales support, I recommend you to try:

• Souq

• Awok

• Jollychic

• Mumzworld

• Sharaf DG

Which is The Best Online Store or Shop For Women’s Clothing in Dubai?

You can take some of the websites into consideration, such as:

• Alimart

• DesteMart

• Ibmoda

What Tips Can I Use to Boost Traffic To My Shopping Website in UAE?

You can increase traffic through PPC advertising, classified submission, email marketing, link building, and product promotion on social media channels.

What’s The Best Platform To Source For Laptops in Dubai?

Best platforms to shop for laptops in Dubai include:

• dubizar

• Jebelz

• Wadi

• Souq

• Noon

What Items Can You Sell Online in Dubai & UAE?

Your focus should be to sell profitable items for good returns. However, your success will depend on a number of factors, which include the type of item you sell. Ensure to find a niche that suits you, one that you really like. Plan your inventory and how you’re going to market it. Consider all categories except illegal drugs, used cosmetics, and animals.

Who Can Sell Online in Dubai?

Anyone, provided you have anything of value to sell. Plan and organize well and have a small initial fund to kick-start your business.

How Can I Learn To Sell Online in UAE?

There are different ways to go about it depending on the person and the nature of the business. But in general, you can learn from people running a similar business, read related articles, or learn by trial and error.

Additionally, there are many e-commerce training center for you to get the knowledge to sell online. You can attend some training sections for a trail to establish your basic understanding of runing e-commerce business.

Which Techniques Can I Use To Boost My Seller Reputation in Dubai/UAE?

Focus more on credibility. Be honest when making product descriptions or when uploading photos. Be precise on deliveries and offer products that are worth the cost. Doing so builds a strong bond between you and your customers. Better still you stand a chance of getting feedbacks that are way better.

Last Words

So that’s my post all about the top 12 online shopping sites to sell your products in Dubai & UAE. And the tips and tricks in the e-commerce industry.

Now It’s your turn:

Which Dubai or UAE online shopping sites from this guide are you going to choose?

Are you ready to start an online business?

Leave a comment to let me know.

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