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8 steps to choose an internet domain name

8 steps to choose an internet domain name

We know that choosing an internet domain name can give you “headaches”. In this regard, we want to give you some tips on how to make the selection process much easier.

What is an Internet domain?

A domain name is a string that corresponds to a numeric IP address for a permanently connected Internet computer (server).

Simpler, think of the domain name as the image of your online activity. That is why you have to keep in mind that the name you choose will have an important impact on the further development of your activity, whatever it is. In general, the structure of an Internet domain is of the form name.extension, where the name is given by the domain owner, and the extension is also chosen from the many options that exist at this moment and are constantly increasing.

Here are some suggestions that should make your “domain name” assignment much easier.

1. Branding

If there is already a LLC behind the domain name, then we want the domain name to be available, if there is also the .com domain, you just pulled the winning lot, given that there are 127 million domains. com already occupied .

Otherwise, you can use other domain name extensions, such as:

  • .com
  • .uk
  • .org
  • .co
  • .biz

If you’re going to start a business and look for a name for her, check out for the first time if there’s a .eu domain, .eu, and even .com if your ambitions are international. Here you can check the availability of a domain:

How to choose between a generic domain name and a name that can represent a brand, example vs. You need to consider when you choose a domain name that can become a brand in time, so it is important to keep in mind the steps listed below. In choosing a brand-name you can:

In order to make selection even easier and to better understand the process of name choice and branding, we have discussed several variants. So I have proposed to you the creative version in which the name can be an invented / created or it may be the result of a documentary or an online name generator, but whatever our suggestions, the final decision is yours and we are convinced that if you took calculating at least some of our advice, came out a sensational name.

2. Attention to trademarks

To be sure you are choosing a unique name and to make sure your name is not already a registered trademark, check this out here: . You ensure that you do not violate or copy a trademark already registered and avoid any conflicts that may affect you from a material point of view.

You have every chance of taking an internet domain if there is a trademark with that name.

3. A name relevant to your activity

You can choose a domain name that best reflects the activity you’ve been doing since hearing or viewing it. So you suggest to the user what you are doing before you visit your site and so interest or even curiosity can bring you a visit from him.

A descriptive name is the opposite direction to the invention of an entirely new name. But there are also different middle options such as “Snipe hosting” or “Snipz Host”.

4. Choose a name that is easy to pronounce

Try a little game of imagination and think about how many times it happened that in a discussion you were given the name of a site you did not understand and you had to ask once again about what site is it? ? … and you did not understand it the second time and gave up. You certainly do not want this to happen to you, but you want your site to make an impression and stir the user’s interest since the name was pronounced. In such a situation, we were also known as the old Elvsoft name because the group of 3 lvs consonants was very difficult to pronounce, sometimes even by our colleagues. This is one of the reasons why we have renamed Elvsoft in Snipe Hosting. So we can tell you from your own experience that a rebranding is not at all cheap and not easy to achieve.

5. Avoid figures and crap

Without numbers and cramps, the domain name is easier to write / pronounce, and you can avoid any confusion that the user can do, but this is not a general rule. I do not know how you felt when you heard the radio ads saying dwarf domain names, but they called it “minus.”

How does it call you: “fast food minus point”?

I would never want to have a “minus” in my domain name. Again like a small exercise, think about 30 seconds of domain names that contain numbers and hyphens in your mind? The answer should make you think if you are going to choose a domain name containing these characters.

6. Consider the new domain extensions

It usually reflects the area in which your work takes place, but there is also no general rule in that respect.

It would be indicated, for example, for an activity you want to carry out only on the territory of UK to choose a domain with the or .uk extensions. New domain extensions tend to make personalization straightforward, so the domain name is easier to choose. Here are some useful examples for several activities:

  • Do you have a club? Choose the .club extension
  • Open a restaurant? Choose the .restaurant extension
  • Pizzeria? Choose the .pizza extension
  • Want to have a personal blog? Choose .blog
  • do you work in construction? .build or .builder
  • .marketing
  • Expert / freelance? – .pro
  • .bar
  • Dance classes? – .dance
  • .training
  • .solutions

See here a list of over 400 domain extensions that you can buy from Snipe Hosting:

7. Dare to be different

Dare to have an atypical name, that’s what makes it memorable, from the millions of domains that have been registered to date worldwide.
You are certainly familiar with “odd” domain names at first glance, but which are international brands. Here are some examples:

Nevertheless, check that you do not choose an improper name. Is it memorable? Is it easy to pronounce? Is it easy to write? Is it easy to write it down after you heard it? If you meet the above conditions then you can move on and you can trust your new domain.

 8. Use keywords and Keyword Planner from Google

The keywords used in the domain name will help you get the best positions in the main search engines like Google , Yahoo , Bing .
Keyword Planner is an extremely useful tool from Google that you can use to find new keywords or even to find the total number of searches on Google for a specific word. You can use this tool both to find a domain name, but also on the basis that you can run a marketing and advertising strategy based on the statistics you provide. You can access the Free Keyword Planner from your AdWords account , the Tools section.

Do not forget the benefit of Snipe Hosting to its customers, where you get 200 lei of Google Adwords credit to promote your site.

Try each time to choose a second or third name because if the one you want is not available to have other solutions and so you can complete the process in a timely manner.

Check if your internet domain is available and registered here:

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