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Auger Powder Filler Machine

1.The automatic degree is semi automatic.
2.Machine material is 304 stainless steel.
3.Adopts servo motor to make filling more accuarcy.
4.Configured with PLC control and English screen.

Auger Powder Filler Machine
  • Auger Powder Filler Machine
  • Auger Powder Filler Machine
  • Auger Powder Filler Machine
  • Auger Powder Filler Machine

Auger powder filler machine


The Auger powder filler machine is with vertical auger filler dosing inside the machine, the auger rotate and drive the powder filling outlet.It can complete automatic metering, automatic filling and automatic adjustment of measurement errors with high efficiency.It can be equipped with an elevator to further improve the filling efficiency.

The Auger powder filler machine is applicable to all kinds of powder and mixed powder-like material weighing filling, such as: cocoa powder, additives, flour, milk powder, coffee powder, washing powder, solid drink, sugar, natural flavoring , enzymes, feed powder and so on.

Machine details

1. Auger powder filler machine uses auger screw to guarantee the precise filling accuracy.

2. Machine adopts PLC control and colorful touch screen display,it is easy to operate.

3. The screw was drove by servo motor,which can guarantee machine have stable performance.

4. The hopper can be disconnected easily and this design makes it easy to clean.

5. Machine is made of full stainless steel 304 material,it is healthy and up to food safety grade.

6. Auger powder filler machine can equipped an elevator to feed the powder into the hopper automatically.

7.Auger powder filler machine equipped with unqualified weight rejection function.

8.The packaging container is not limited,bag,pouch,can,bottle is all suitable.




Power supply

1000W, AC380V, 50Hz

Filling capacity

50g - 5000g


10 - 20 bags/min

Filling weight accuracy


Machine size


Machine weight


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