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About Sponsorships

Having a website is more popular today than ever. For some, it’s their source of income, and their daily job – whilst for some, it’s the ability to discuss or share their interests or beliefs with others.

Knowing this, we offer advantageous sponsorship deals to both popular networks and non-profit, charitable organisations. This is our way of helping – by providing our strong backbone to empower others.

Standard Sponsorships

Are you running a popular blog, or some other kind of high-traffic website? If you do, we might want to sponsor you! If this sounds interesting, go ahead and open a ticket with the subject “Standard Sponsorship”, telling us a bit about yourself, your website and your visitors!

We ask that you try to keep it concise and to the point, as we get a lot of sponsorship requests. Note that whilst we try to, we’re not able to respond to all incoming requests. Please also take note that we can not approve every incoming request, and so there’s no guarantee of sponsorship being granted. Good luck!

Student Sponsorships

Students get 2 months worth of web hosting completely free providing they sent us proof that their in education, this includes (Student ID, Acceptance Letter, Ucas correspondence, etc…)

Non-Profit Sponsorships

Snipe Hosting offers sponsorship deals to registered non-profit, charitable organizations in the United Kingdom!

The Starter Web Hosting Package is offered to non-profits in the United Kingdom. If you’d be interested in this, please open a ticket with the subject “Non-Profit Sponsorship”, detailing your needs and telling us a bit about your organization. Note that we will require an official letter/certificate indicating your tax-exempt, non-profit status. This can be attached to the ticket.