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Top 10 Japanese Online Wholesale websites.

Top 10 Japanese Online Wholesale websites.

Japan boasts the world’s second largest retail market presently. This makes wholesalers to be demanded greatly.

But, how will you be able to choose the right Japan wholesale online site? This article thereby answers this question. It covers the top 10 best Japanese online shopping sites you can visit. Their main products categories and features are inclusive. Some tips on how to select the best product that can be used for drop shipping is discussed as well.

Let’s start…

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Suppliers Products Location
Hakubundo Stationery, Ceramic Products, Books & Magazine Japan
Shopcosmeria Beauty Products, Cosmetics, Facial cream Japan
Yesstyle Facial products, Beauty products Japan
ZenMarket Wholesale Products Japan
Akazuki Tableware and cooking, Tea and Interior products Japan
Cosme Cosmetics, Beauty and Face products Japan
Chinabrands Clothing, Home décor, Beauty products Japan
BuySmartJapan Homewares, Furniture, Electronics, etc. Japan
Alibaba Electronics, Fashion, Sportswear, etc. Japan
Takaski Cosmetics and Fashion Products Japan



This company has been in existence for a very long time. Hakubundo first opened their doors for business in Hawaii in the year 1910. They have been offering customers a convenient and happy lifestyle since then till now. Some of the several Japanese Wholesale products you can enjoy buying from them are Traditional Ichimatsu dolls, Ceramic Plates, and many others. Their customer service is an approachable one and they have several means provided for people to interact with them. You can follow Hakubundo on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The services they offer in terms of shipping are an affordable one for customers.

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This company is an online platform that is best known for wholesaling business. They supply and distribute products in wholesale. They are based in Japan, and most of their products are Japanese in nature. They offer services that are beneficial to customers. They have an option that is referred to as sample size check; this means you have the opportunity of checking out a product first before buying in bulk. There is an availability of premium services for customers that make orders above 1000 dollars. Customers are given the opportunity of having a direct communication link with the manufacturer.  Their customer service is a responsive type.

japan wholesale electronics..png



A wide range of products in wholesale are supplied and distributed on for Japanese and some other neighboring countries. You can enjoy their various brands of product online which include beauty products, fashion accessories, and some other kind of products. They offer a huge discount on their products which include the 10% discount on any first purchase, also, the 60% off shopping in this company.

Some of the popular brands in Japan can be found on this platform, they include Muji, Kose, Sana, and so on. You can interact and follow them on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and also Google+. They make provision for latest updates and blog on their website for interested customers. Their shipping service is great; they offer free shipping service for orders above 35 dollars.

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ZenMarket is one of the Japanese wholesale websites that can be patronized by people. This Japan wholesale website started in September 2013. They have one advantage that other wholesale companies in Japan don’t do. ZenMarket ship internationally, they tried to meet up with their goal to make buying of goods online to be as smooth as possible. There are several advantages for customers to enjoy in ZenMarket, they are:

i. Provision of low prices on their various products.

ii. They offer a reliable service which includes prompt replies, fast shipping, full transparency of payments made, and solid packing

iii. Flexible shipping services

iv. Free shopping assistance scheme

japan wholesale suppliers.png

5. Akazuki


This is a company based in Fukuoka, Japan. They are a popular Japanese store that sells Japanese goods and products in wholesale. Some the categories of products on their website are Tea products category, Tableware and cooking, and interior category. This company goes to the extent of delivering any item ordered for to your doorstep. In other, for others to enjoy making a transaction from anywhere in the world, Akazuki makes provision for Japan wholesale online shopping website.

japan wholesale electronics;.png

The experience of transacting on their website is like you are shopping directly in their shopping in Japan. This company can be followed online for daily updates on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. The shipping method is in two ways, EMS and AIRMAIL ECO. The EMS is the most expensive form of shipping and the delivery is the fastest method which normally takes up to 3 to 7 days for products to be delivered. The AIRMAIL ECO can take up to 10 to 21 days to Australia, Europe, and North America.

6. is another Japanese wholesale website that you will find transacting in a lovely way with them. They started back in the year 2008 and they have been able to come up with many brands of top Japanese beauty products. Beauty and cosmetic products of different varieties are numerous in their store.

The customer service of is really a responsive one. This can be seen from the various comments and reviews from their past customers. This company does not offer a customer the service of international shipping; however, there is provision to make use of international packaging services that can be used for international shipping.

japan wholesale electronics'.png



Chinabrands is a popular wholesale website recognized globally. Out of the over 200 countries their business has been well established they are also located in Japan. This is, however, one of the best Japanese online shopping sites you can come across in Japan. They offer a variety of products which include clothing, home décor, beauty products, health products, shoes for children, baby, men and women, and so on. They are a very understanding supplier for covering low-end to high-end product lines at wholesale price. Some of the pros of patronizing this company are:

i. Low price and high-quality products

ii. Overseas warehouses

iii. Professional logistics services

iv. 48 hours delivery

v. Massive product source

8. BuySmartJapan


BuySmartJapan is a simple trustable purchase service that orders products from local stores and arranges delivery to over 120 countries and regions of the world at a low price. BuySmartJapan is one of the online websites in Japan that is popularly known for their excellent service in the wholesale business.

japan wholesale electronics.png

They are available in different languages. They have a different list of products available in their domain. Some of them are cosmetics, health goods, hair care, Japan wholesale electronics, furniture / Interior, homewares, stationaries, pets’ goods, instrument, handcraft, and so on.

The simple steps that BuySmartJapan require customers to take for enjoying safe online shopping from Japan are listed beneath:

i. Choose the goods/products on the partners’ price comparison engine option or the online store

ii. Complete a free simple registration form

iii. Fill your address

iv. Fill your payment details

v. Then make payment

vi. All you are left with is to wait for the goods to be delivered to you

9. Alibaba


Alibaba is also one of the best Japanese online shopping sites. They are popular in virtually all the continents of the world. They can also be located in Japan. They offer a wholesale service to various different kinds of customers. Their online store is a big one. The products present in their store are of different product lines and varieties.

best japanese online shopping sites (2).png

Alibaba is one of the few Japanese wholesale websites that offer international shipping service. Prices of products in Alibaba are affordable and they offer different discounts policy on their products. Alibaba makes provision for different payment methods which ranges from Credit Cards to Debit Cards and PayPal.

10. Takaski


This is a Japanese wholesale online shopping site that is only based in Japan and their business span is only limited to Japan. In spite of this, they have risen to the top with their 100% quality Japanese products. There is no room for international shipping in their company. You must, however, have an agent in Japan who can help you to transact international business with them.

Their products range from a different kind of product line to another. Some of their most popular products are the cosmetic and fashion products. They operate wholesale on B2B, so, as an individual, you must provide business documentation carry out business on their platform.

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Popular Fashion Products That Can Be Wholesaled For Profits in Japan

There are many fashion products available for people to wholesale for profits in Japan. But the top 10 popular fashion products in Japan will be listed in this piece. They include:

1. Formal wears

2. Accessories

3. Cosmetics

4. Apparel

5. Watches and Jewellery

6. Costumes

7. Sportswear

8. Traditional wears

9. Footwear

10. Luggage

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5 Tips on Selecting Japan Wholesale Suppliers

Selecting Japan wholesale suppliers to depend on some major factors.  Since there are numerous suppliers available for Japan wholesale products, you need to be careful. Therefore, some of the factors you can put into consideration include the following:

1. Approachable Customer Services

The approach put up by the suppliers is one of the factors to put into consideration. You need to select a Japan Wholesale Supplier with a customer service that is easily approachable and accessible. Even, if you bump into any difficulty, they are always ready to offer assistance.

2. The Quality and Worth of the Product

Another major tip you need to be aware of is the quality and the worth of the product the supplier is selling or distributing. This is very important because this is a means of helping you to sustain a business brand name in case you are selling back in small quantities. Most people are only interested in a product with high quality irrespective of the high price of such product.

3. Fast and Reliable delivery

Another tip you cannot overlook is the approach put up by the Japan Wholesale Supplier when it comes to delivery of goods and products. Choose a supplier that operates at a faster rate when it comes to product delivery.  The supplier must be reliable as well i.e. meeting up with the proposed schedule of delivery.

4. Affordable Prices

One of the factors you must consider when it comes to selecting Japan Wholesale Supplier is the product prices. You need to know whether they are affordable. You need to know about their discount policy. These things must be considered because it goes a long way in determining the profit to be made in a business.

5. Location of the Supplier

There are many ways you can cut extra costs in a business; one of the ways is by selecting Japan Wholesale Supplier that is situated at a considerable location to you. This will save you the additional cost of spending on some expenses like shipping, high tax rate, and many others.

4 Ways of Selecting Wholesale or Dropship Products

Drop shipping is when you make your money selling products without putting up any cash until when you have a buyer. However, you must know that a successful business in drop shipping depends on supply and demand. You must have a steady demand from customers and a constant supply of whatever product you are selling. Therefore, this means you must be absolutely careful on what kind of product(s) you select or choose for your drop shipping or wholesaling business. Some tips on how to select wholesale or drop ship products are explained below:

japanese fashion online.png

1. Search Engines

With search engines, you can easily find out about the most products people search and demand. There are several tools online that can aid you in searching for the most demanded products online. SEO book is the most common tool for searching online; others are WordPot, Ubersuggest, Wordtracker, and many others. With whatever the result of the statistics online, you will easily know the product to select based on the demand percentage and not because of you like that product yourself.

2. Online Marketplaces

After searching for the most demanded products online, you must, however, not make your final verdict on choosing the product you want to be drop shipping with the result derived from there. You need to carry out a brief research on the online marketplaces for the product. Most of the online websites are cautious about publishing statistics concerning their transactional volume online but if you use the right channel you will still get the information needed. The online marketplaces will make you realize how many people are selling such product, how easy the product is being sold, how many sales are made, and what the average price is.

3. Communications

Communication is an important tip you must not underestimate. You must make sure the wholesaler of the product you want to drop ship is easy for you to get in touch with. Some barriers such as physical distance, language barriers etc., must be taken care of in other to have coordinated deliveries and processed returns safely.

4. e-commerce platforms

In e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, lots of hot-sale products will shown on the page of best seller. You can find the potential products that you ready to sell, in certain degrees.


With the information provided above, you should be able to choose the suitable Japanese wholesale website for your products. It can also be seen that most of the Japanese wholesale online site does not operate international shipping service. So, before choosing that Japanese company, make sure you are well aware of their full policy.

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